What's included in a program?

During a one hour program you will learn about:

* The natural history of the Virginia opossum

*  Their "super powers"

*  Where they live and what they eat

*  How they help the environment

*  What to do if you find an adult

*  How YOU can help opossums

Are you an educator?  Our programs meet the SOLs for Natural History and Life Sciences!  Programs can be adjusted based on age and grade levels. 

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What Stuart (and Karen) fans are saying...

"Everyone loved Karen and Stuart! Karen is incredibly kind, enthusiastic, and fun to work with! From first meeting to discussing learning objectives, scheduling, and interacting with teachers and kids, Karen was always positive and helpful. As soon as she and Stuart entered the school, everyone wanted to get to know them, and they brought joy to even the initially hesitant! Stuart captured attention as Karen answered questions and shared her extensive knowledge and passion for possums (and other animals). What a fun and memorable way to learn about physical and behavioral adaptations, habitats, diet, interactions with other animals and people, and more! We hope Karen and Stuart can come back soon!"

Blessings,  Laura

3rd Grade Teacher, Harrison Road Elementary School, Fbrg, VA

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From Heaven, 3rd grader...

“It was very cool that the opossum got to walk around the classroom and meet all of us. His tail was so long and funny looking!”

From Bobby, 3rd grader...

"It was really cool that we got to learn what Stuart likes to eat and what he likes to do.”


From Zakhira, 3rd grader...

“Did you know that opossums were here during the dinosaur times? I didn’t know that until we got to meet Stuart!”


From Ombola, 3rd grader...

“Stuart is so cute and I’m sad he’s hurt, but I’m happy that he has such a nice owner.”

From Micah, 3rd grader...

“ It’s really cool to actually meet an opossum. I didn’t actually know what opossums were!”

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"Stuart and Karen were delightful accompaniments to our Girl Scout Weekend at Friends of the Rappahannock! The girls' GS journey involved learning about habitats. Karen delivered an informative and entertaining talk about Stuart and opossums as Stuart climbed all over Karen. The girls (and FOR environmental educators) were captivated!"

                                                                                                                                                                Nancy Stalik, Friends of the Rappahannock

"Ms. Karen Brace traveled quite a distance to give the Active Senior Adults at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia a wonderful presentation about Stuart the Opossum - who came along and was adorable!

The audience loved learning about opossums - the presentation was educational, interesting and much fun!

It was obvious from the start that Ms. Brace is very dedicated to her work of animal rehabilitation and educational programming. It was a pleasure to have her give us this program and I would HIGHLY recommend she bringher presentation to other groups both young and old. Thank you Ms. Brace so very much for a wonderful few hours and say hi to cutie Stuart!!!"​

                                                                                                                                                               Michele Endick, Lead Adult Group Coordinator

                                                                                                                                                               Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia