Do you have wildlife living where you wish they didn't live?


As much as I love wild critters, I have to admit that sometimes they get into places where they really shouldn't be.  You can't really blame them though.  They are looking for what we're all looking, not love (well, sometimes and that gets them into trouble too).  But I'm talking about a safe place to raise their family.  A place that is out of the elements and away from predators.  If that place happens to be your attic or underneath your porch or deck, and they have access to it, then that's where they go.  

Getting them to find another spot isn't usually that difficult to do - with the right tactics.  I highly recommend the book to the right, "Wild Neighbors."  It's put out by the Humane Society of the United States and is full of great information on how to evict your unwanted tenants.  The wild ones anyway.  Moms and're on your own.

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Please note that trapping and relocating is not a good solution and in many cases, it's illegal. It can leave litters of babies behind to die and it's hard on the animals to be relocated into a different territory where they have no food stashed or a safe place to sleep.

For other great information and tips on how to get wildlife to move along, click here to be directed to the site for the Area Rehabber's Klub in Powhatan, VA

 Plus, it's just a fun website.

Information on nuisance wildlife from the Humane Society of the United States can be found here.