Other cool "stuff" we're planning for the future...

Our mission is education and we take that very seriously.  That's why we have some very e​xciting things planned for the future including:

* A monthly email newsletter full of info, fun facts and pictures

*Social media contests and challenges

*More wildlife presentations (you THINK you know about ticks...)

*A "possie cam" in the spring where you'll be able to stay up all night and watch adorable baby possums doing adorable baby possum things 

*The Stu Store where you can shop online for your favorite Stuart stuff!

*Follow the passel - an opportunity to "follow" a passel (group) of 

possums that come in next spring and watch them grow. Several lucky folks will be selected to be present at their release.

*Stay tuned for the article that will be coming out in the 

 Virginia Wildlife Magazine in spring 2020!